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I am Danielle. I'm focusing my blog on good health, good diet, good exercise, good self-image, good experiences, good motivation, and good inspiration.

I'm on a weight loss journey but don't count this as just a weight loss blog. There's more to this process it than that. (;

I’ll just leave this here! New t-shirt from the Paul Banks show I attended last night :)

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thefitty ASKED:
What song is playing in your head right now?

Over My Shoulder by Paul Banks :D

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What do you see here? Most likely you see huge stretchmarks. I don’t. I see a stomach which i’d never dreamed of attaining all by myself. And as for the stretchmarks, i really couldn’t give a shit.

…. The notes…

My stomach will always and forever have stretch marks too. How many fucks do I give? Zero.

I hope my tummy looks like that one day ‘cause that’d be phenomenal. I’d be showing it off on tumblr, too. Proudly. :)

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It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the fitblr scene! With school starting and with me starting a lot of miscellaneous self explorations, I’ve been out of touch with keeping track of everything on tumblr.

I’m 15 pounds down since the last time I recorded my CW on tumblr (currently 153, last time I updated my CW, I was 168). I’m a bit sad because I feel like I would’ve made much more progress if I stayed on tumblr and on my program… that 15 pounds down could’ve been 30, maybe, if I would’ve just continued down the same path as I did this summer. I’m back because I need to regroup and refocus on my fitness. I’ve slipped up a bit recently on my diet. I think that my tumblr really helped me stay focused on my nutrition. Working out enough is never much of an issue for me, though. Thankfully I’ve been able to manage that most of the time throughout my fitness tumblr hiatus. :)

However, I’m also really happy. Elated, even. Yesterday, I stood in front of someone in the nude with the lights on and felt good about it. This morning, I looked at my body in the mirror and I felt pretty in my underwear. I have all sorts of flab still, of course. Cellulite, too. My UGW on tumblr is listed as “happy.” I think I’m nearly at “happy.”

I can’t change how I’ve chosen to spend the time between late July and early November. I could’ve been 100% of the way to “happy” by now, even. However, I can plan how I will spend my time from this early November until I meet my goals, and beyond.

I’m just so excited that I’m feeling much more positive about my body, and I truly wish this feeling on all of you.

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